Psychic Readings

30 Minute Phone Reading  $100

30 Minute In Person Reading  $100

45 Minute Phone Reading  $175

45 Minute In Person Reading $175

1 Hour Phone Reading


1 Hour In Person Reading $225

10 Minute Phone Reading
(Limit One Per Day)

One Question Answered Via Email $15

6 Questions Answered Via Email $75

**Please note that I get a lot of information about people when I look at their picture. If you would like a phone reading or a question answered please send me an email with your picture along with anyone else's that you would like to ask about in your reading.

I also do readings in person both individual and group. Please email me at to schedule an in person appointment.

life theme

Is something urgent going on and you need guidance asap? The Emergency Reading will be given as soon as I possibly can within 48 hours max. They will be done by phone (so make sure pictures are emailed to me prior). I can do in person emergency readings upon request, however it is not guaranteed that availability will be open. In those cases I will give a 30 minute phone reading.

30 Minute Emergency Reading     $175  


10 Minute Emergency Reading        $75 

life theme

Life Theme

What is Your Life Theme Life themes reflect on what matters to you most and is a big part of your life calling. Knowing your life theme is essential to understanding what motivates you and what drives you crazy. Becoming masterful at your life theme will bring new meaning to your life. Life themes are keywords that represent your core values. A few examples are: Teacher, Care Giver, Military, Authority, Entrepreneur, Justice, Creation, Wisdom, Balance

Answer to the question: What is my life theme?  $10


Dream Interpretation

Have you had a dream and feel that there is a deeper meaning behind it? Maybe your spirit guide is trying to send you a message. If you tell me your dream I will interpret it for you and tell you what the meaning behind it is.

Dream Interpretation $15

life theme

House Cleansings

Do you have a negative presence that has been effecting your home? Did you just move into a new place and something isn't right? I do house cleansings in the Chicagoland area to get rid of any presence and/or negative energy so that you can live in peace once again. Please email me for rates and availability. Please include your name, phone number and address when you inquire so that I can give you a quote.


How to Order:

  1. Place your order by clicking the buy it now button and process your payment via paypal.
  2. For phone readings please email me to schedule your appointment. Please let me know if mornings, afternoons or evenings work best for you.

  3. If you have any pictures that you would like to send me please do so when scheduling.

  4. For one question answers (both question of your choice and life theme) please send an email after you place your order.

  5. For dream interpretations please email me details of your dream along with a picture of yourself.

  6. If you have problems placing your order please call paypal directly at 888-221-1161.


My email address is
Call Me Now at 313-READING (313-732-3464)


How To Enhance Your Psychic Ability EBook
By: Andrew Anderson
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to the other side? Many people have had near death experiences including me. A few years ago I had a severe medical issue and went into a coma for 11 days.  When I came back my psychic abilities were enhanced and I was able to see spirits much clearer. Read about my experience


"Andrew gives the best psychic medium readings I have ever had! I started out talking to him on the phone and found myself traveling to see him in person. He is amazing both ways! I have never seen anything like it!"

"Andrew picked up right away three of my deceased relatives and told me things about them. I never believed that someone could know so much about me just by looking at my picture. I've never has a psychic medium reading this good before. "

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"I started off by ordering my life theme. When he told me I was a rescuer and explained some of the things that I do, I knew I had to have a reading done by him. I ordered a 25 minute phone reading and it was like he knew everything about me. He knew that I just went through a divorce and was now dating again. He knew about my deceased relatives. He knew stuff about my family and friends. It was amazing. I never expected to find in any psychic what I found in Andrew."

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