"Hi Andrew! I just wanted to let you know that my reading of a few weeks ago was extremely accurate. I asked you about my travel plans oversees. You said to watch what I ate, avoid an alley, I would have a long wait in the airport and that there would a dangerous event near me but that I would be ok. All of those events occurred. In fact, one day earlier I was in the exact spot and the exact time that a suicide bomber attacked the tourist area of Istanbul. Thank you for sharing your gift. I am home safely in NJ."

"So, my sister and I went to visit Andrew, today, February 20th 2015. We both were nervous, excited, but more nervous for the most part. We lost our mom recently and just wanted closure! I found, Andrew hitting points about our family that no one, but my mom could have related to him through spirit. Before my mom passed, I would never, in a million years, would have thought going to visit a psychic/medium. I guess it was mom telling me to go with my sister to have some closure. Andrew is not fake by all means. As soon as my sister and I arrived, something happened where we knew my mom was there...lol. He even gave us some insight about our on lives to come. I will be back to visit or get a phone reading very soon! Thank you, Andrew Anderson"

"On October 27, 2014 I had a reading done by Andrew. I'd never met him or spoken to him prior outside of emails to confirm my reading appointment. When he answered the door he was very pleasant. He burned some sage and we sat at a table and the reading began. All I can say is that the reading went way beyond my expectations. I'm a firm believer in psychics and mediums and he was really on the money. It was really amazing. He has an incredible gift and I already want to go back to see him again. He brought up things that there was absolutely no way he could have known. I highly recommend him and I will be seeing him again. Thank you Andrew!"

"I have to say, I have had several psychic readings and have never taken the time to write a testimonial, HOWEVER, talking to Andrew was an AMAZING experience!! Andrew brought a sense of peace, joy, and reassurance into my life. Andrew not only delivered his messages in a compassionate and calm manner but he gave me enough details that only I would know what he was talking about. I love how he did not asked me 100 questions (like many other psychics). Instead, Andrew wanted to make sure every message was out and took the time to make sure I understood what he was talking about. He confirmed my doubts and answered several of my questions; Andrew was also able to connect with my father were I was able to receive several beautiful messages and future predictions. Thank you Andrew! You are an angel and truly gifted person!"

"I had never been to a psychic before. I went to see Andrew with very low expectations. He began to speak and I was overwhelmed within minutes. I showed him pictures without telling him any thing about them. He told me who the people where in the pictures and what they meant to me. He told me about my life and the spirits that were with me. Everything was extremely accurate. I told him nothing about my current situation, yet he told me about my struggles and gave me hope that things were going to change."

"The only regret I have about my reading is that I only scheduled a half hour reading with Andrew. I WILL be back and my next reading will be longer. This man is the real thing. I excepted nothing from this reading, I not only received a powerful reading, but oddly enough I felt a loving, compassionate feeling from Andrew as he spoke. He truly cared. This is all coming from a complete (ex) skeptic, you not be disappointed with Andrew. If you have been to other psychics, you will never go back once you meet this wonderful man."

"It was a calming and insightful experience meeting you during our first session. As a medium you were extremely accurate with your facts about me and my life and you provided supportive information in a guiding and compassionate way. I look forward to future sessions together and our partnership. You enhance my life and ability to bring more balance, confidence and quality to it."

"Andrew has an amazing gift. I had been suffering from extreme anxiety and had a strong feeling that I was not doing what I was supposed to be doing. I was unfulfilled, and had a love-hate relationship with my new career path. I dislike what I do, but am good at it. I would tell myself, everyone I know dislikes their job, why should I be any different, but I could not shrug off this intense feeling that I was going in the wrong direction with my life. I worked in health care for about 10 years, moved to the corporate world for two, and then spent the next 14 years raising my boys, and caring for elderly relatives. Now that my children are in college, I chose to return to the corporate world. Over time, I felt more and more off kilter, something was wrong, causing me anxiety, and I just could not understand where these intense feelings were coming from. Within minutes and not giving Andrew any information but my name and age, he validated things about myself, my past, and pin pointed the root cause of my anxiety. Once he pointed this out, it seemed so obvious, and it brought me peace. I realize, I am where I should be, for right now. He went on to describe my husband, health concerns, his personality, and even picked up that we were separated in some way. My husband's job is in a different state and he lives away from home 4 out of 7 days a week. Andrew, blew me away with his accuracy. He truly has a special gift."

"Wow! I was amazed that he was the only one that never doubted my psychic abilities. He saw me doing what he does, giving reading to others. He gave me courage to not be afraid in life and in my own abilities. He has helped me so much and guided me when I was completely clueless. Thank you Andrew!!!"

"Andrew, it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday with my husband!! WOW I have had a lot of readings in my life, now as I have some time to think of yours was my first true reading! There is a true peace between Keith and I that we have not had in at least 6 years. All thanks to you. God bless you!"

 "Andrew has truly changed my life. I was so despondent over my cancer, the loss of my husband and mother. It was bringing my spirit to such a lot and sad place that I couldn't function. Andrew put me in touch with my family, reassured me of their happiness and guided me on a path to happiness and self assurance. He truly has been my person miracle!"

"I did not believe in psychics until my mother forced me to see Andrew. I am so glad that I did because after my first reading was done I could not get enough! I immediately scheduled my second reading before I left. He really amazed me with the information that he pulled out of the blue. I've never seen anyone who could look at a picture of someone and tell you about them. I also really felt as though he connected with my grandmother that passed away. I miss her dearly and Andrew was able to give me a few messages from her that warmed my soul. Now I am the one forcing my friends to get a reading and each time they are blown away!"

"I came to Andrew for a reading because a friend recommended him and I was going through a divorce at the time. He knew before I said anything what was going on in my life and comforted me by telling me that my mother was with me in spirit and she saw everything that was going on. I always felt like she was with me, but hearing Andrew tell me that along with a few other personal things that she said I felt like I was no longer alone. He told me about his experience on the other side and it made me feel better about my mother's passing. I can't wait to get my next reading!"

"When I first saw Andrew, I had already seen one psychic in the past.  In the past, my reading with the other psychic was correct on some aspects, but felt as if there were a lot of questions unanswered and vague responses.  After my first reading with Andrew, I was blown away by the amount of detail of past, present and future. Things that no one knew about but me, he picked up on. It was amazing. Not only did he start my reading talking about the main topics I had on my mind and what I mainly had questions about in priority without prompting and without me even asking a question, but he also told me and coached me to how I could improve the situations. I was truly amazed and impressed by his kind and gentle manner of giving news that might always be favorable, but he also gave suggestions so that I could handle them better, change the outcome or be more prepared for when they did happen.  He also was able to give me messages from my grandmother that had passed and opened my eyes to my own intuitive gifts in ways I had never thought imaginable. Needless to say, he has not been wrong since that first reading from contact from a past lost love that I hadn't spoken to in months, to work promotions and future relationship situations. I have had several readings now with Andrew and he never fails to impress me with details on time frames and specific situations that will arise. He also has a deep compassion and willingness to help even after his readings, in case of questions forgotten or in need of clarification. He strongly advises and suggests recording the readings and I have found that it is a great help in remembering the messages he gives. When life throws curve balls and leaves you wondering about the future, Andrew is definitely the person I have gone to and will continue to see for help and a better understanding of the present and future.  He is impressive to say the least."

"When you get an Andrew Reading it is not just a litany of facts.  He is a man on a mission with a great passion to help you through your future path.  He is spiritual, compassionate, sincere and VERY accurate.  You will not be disappointed."  

"Andrew was my first medium psychic. I've seen psychics in the city but I never really trusted there judgment. What made me want to go see Andrew was the fact that he had worked with the Chicago Police Department and different murder cases; which meant to me was that he isn't messing around.  I had lost my dad over 12 years ago, and I really felt like I had lost all connection with him. The second I sat down, Andrew noticed my dad right away and repetitively told me how proud he was to me and other personal things that no one would know about. When I heard that, I was suddenly at peace, its an awesome feeling!  He also saw that I had a very old soul, which I knew because I had been always really mature for my age. He actually dated back my soul back to the Salem witch trials and even beyond that. you would think that I would be freaked out, but I reacted like I already knew! Everything he asked me, actually happened. especially my dark past. I recently saw him again, because I felt such a strong connection with him and I wanted to know specific signs that my dad was around because I really couldn't see them. That's what we talked about, he told me everything that my dad had done to get my attention and of course I never saw it that way. I also brought the last thing my dad gave me, which helped Andrew get a stronger connection to him. My dad was even joking around with him about me not knowing how to drive. ha! Andrew is also helping me become more aware of my psychic ability because I have discussed having really vivid dreams and a lot of deja vu. so he's been helping me slowly how to understand my senses and first learning how to look through my third eye and to start to understand tarot cards. Andrew can also read photos, and I showed him a picture of an ex-boyfriend of mine because he said a man will be coming back into my life for the good. I showed him a picture and he told me that he is bad news and that there is another woman that I simply need to let go. Funny because he started talking to me before I started my session with Andrew. I will never see anyone else other than Andrew. I trust him with everything and so does my mom. I recommend his services, its not scary.  my first session with him, after I went to my mom and told her "get ready for your mind to be blown" because you will be in shock for the first 5 min after your session. I recommend recording it also. I always think that I will remember everything. NOPE! ha get it recorded, every phone should have a note recorder. I will see him every 3 to 6 months, because I feel now that its a must. you feel amazing afterwards, a little in shock, but overall amazing!"

"I've known Andrew for almost a year and he is amazing....during our first reading I literally cried because of his accuracy. He never lets me down and he is very honest ... amazing connection and there is no need to provide him any information. I really enjoy every reading we have. Andrew is the best!"

"I had my first psychic reading with Andrew. I was soo nervous and anxious before arriving, I did not know what to expect. Andrew quickly picked up on my uncle who passed away at a young age. I had never met him but was so relieved to hear he was okay and felt comforted knowing he was watching over me. I couldn't wait to pass the news to my dad about his brother. I then showed Andrew a picture of my dad and he told me about his health problems. I was very worried but Andrew told me if he made changes my dad would be okay. I was very amazed how he picked up that information by looking at a picture. During the last half of my reading we discussed my future and everything he told me was very positive. Leaving the reading I felt so much better than when I had first walked in. I felt at ease knowing I have passed loved ones looking out for me and I now had an idea of what lies ahead for me. Thank you so much Andrew!"


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to the other side? Many people have had near death experiences including me. A few years ago I had a severe medical issue and went into a coma for 11 days.  When I came back my psychic abilities were enhanced and I was able to see spirits much clearer. Read about my experience


"I have been fortunate to experience readings with several different psychics throughout my life. I have never had a reading as accurate in so many ways as I have had with Andrew. I have found my sessions with him to be an experience that is spiritual, informative and incredibly concise each and every time. I would, and have recommended his services to many people. Every one of them have thanked me afterwards for referring them to him. He is a true healer of the soul."


"I met Andrew at a Psychic fair at Crystal River Gifts about a month ago.  I really only reserved an appointment because I wanted to give the owner of the store some business, as I’m also a local business owner and thought it would be interesting, if nothing else. I went to the appointment completely unprepared, because I wasn’t expecting anything.  I didn’t have any questions prepared, intentions set or photos prepared.  The only thing I brought with me was an open mind. Boy, was I blown away!  I sat down across a small table from Andrew and he started the session by telling me something about myself that I had never spoken about with ANYBODY else.  He was so accurate and spot-on with everything he told me.  Not just with respect to myself, but he also told me things about my husband that HE had never mentioned to anyone else, myself included, and again completely accurate. In our initial, short reading he told me all kinds of things about me and my past that he could never have known, and later on during the session we started talking about my life currently, professionally and personally.  Again, without knowing anything about me prior to our session, I just couldn’t believe how detailed and accurate he was with everything from the kind of work I do, and the changes that are going on at my workplace to details about my home and people in my life who have passed away. I walked away from the appointment feeling like I needed a “good cry”.  I didn’t know why, just that it was such an emotional, positive experience.  I needed to share it with somebody and went home and told my husband, the self-proclaimed skeptic about the session.  When I shared with him the things Andrew told me about him, he was stunned. Because of Andrew’s positive energy, I just HAD to have him out to our house and do a more in-depth reading for me and my husband.  We had him out less than a week after my first meeting with him and the experience was equally positive and impressive.  He was able to give my husband welcomed guidance about his career path, what he should do to improve it and how to go about making things happen. Andrew told me about changes that were coming my way at the office, and within the next week after visiting our home, things began to fall into place just has he had outlined.  The changes that were happening within our personal lives were also lining up just like he said. I never really had any previous experience with psychic mediums in the past, so I don’t have anything to compare my/our experience with, but this is how I’ve described it to my friends and family… Seeing Andrew is like meeting with a trusted counselor, confidant or mentor.  He just gets his perspective from another level of consciousness because of the “shine” with which he has been gifted. I, as well as my husband  will no doubt be long time, if not life time clients of Andrew’s."

"My reading with Andrew was beyond amazing. More than what I expected. He picked up on a lot of things and even my grandfather who passed away July 7! Andrew Anderson is a gift from god. Thank you! I'm excitedly booking my next session soon!"

"Hi Andrew! I just really feel like I need to tell you what an amazing gift you have. Everything that you told me in my reading has happened. Thanks, I need to come see you again soon. You are truly incredible"

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