"My reading with Andrew was beyond amazing. More than what I expected. He picked up on a lot of things and even my grandfather who passed away July 7! Andrew Anderson is a gift from God. Thank you! I'm excitedly booking my next session soon!"

"It was a calming and insightful experience meeting you during our first session. As a medium you were extremely accurate with your facts about me and my life and you provided supportive information in a guiding and compassionate way. I look forward to future sessions together and our partnership. You enhance my life and ability to bring more balance, confidence and quality to it."


My name is Andrew Anderson and I am a psychic medium. I can see past, present and future events in a person’s life by tuning into the spirit energy around them. I work like a conduit between the spiritual and the physical worlds with the purpose of healing. I believe my gift comes from God and I use it to help people find happiness and contentment.

When I read someone, I can see the paths in front of them and the outcome of those choices. I have read for people from around the world and have helped navigate every type of situation imaginable. I often advise on love, relationships, job decisions, investments or health issues. Many people have said they owe their lives to me. I have helped clients avoid terrorist attacks, warned of heart attacks and caught undiagnosed cancer. If I can help save anyone’s life it makes the work I do all worthwhile.

Over the years, I have helped people find a sense of closure with loved ones who have passed. Messages from the departed can be very comforting and they can also provide guidance. Those who have crossed over often want to help the loved ones they left behind. People on the other side are more alive than we are and there is nothing more gratifying to me than facilitating that communication.

I also introduce people to their spirit guides. Spirit guides are with us from birth to death and they never leave our side. They work in various ways but often we recognize them through a gut feeling or through our sense of intuition. Learning to listen to spirit guides leads to better choices and improves quality of life.

We all have life themes. Have ever wondered why you hate your job or even why you love your job? When we are living in accordance with our life themes, jobs don’t seem like work. There are various themes such as caregiver, teacher, entrepreneur or artist. Understanding our life themes can help us reassess major career decisions.

My abilities were heightened the day I came out of a 3-month coma. During my coma, I went to the other side and saw firsthand where we go when we die. God blessed me with that glimpse and the capacity to see beyond our immediate reality. I believe my purpose is to share that gift with others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spirit guide?

Think of a spirit guide as a "guardian angel" if you will. They have been assigned to us at birth and help guide us in the right direction. I help people become more in touch with their spirit guide. It is important that we all listen to the signs and messages that we are given to make the best choices in our lives. This can be challenging and many people do not listen to their spirit guides. As a psychic medium I am here to help teach you how to become more in tune with these messages.

What is a psychic medium?

A psychic medium is someone who can communicate with spirits. Every psychic medium has a different level of psychic ability. They can receive their information by telepathy, sight, sound and feelings. Mediums work directly with the spiritual world to spread love, peace, resolution and understanding to those in need.

We all have been given the wonderful gift of free will and have the power to change the direction of our lives by changing our actions and thoughts. Having psychic insight helps guide us in the right direction. A reading given by a psychic medium is a unique experience and many people prefer it over normal psychic readings.

What is your life theme?

Life themes reflect on what matters to you most and is a big part of your life calling. Knowing your life theme is essential to understanding what motivates you and what drives you crazy. Becoming masterful at your life theme will bring new meaning to your life. Life themes are keywords that  represent your core values. A few examples are:


Care Giver

Andrew discusses how his intuitive abilities became stronger after coming out of a coma and gives Jennifer some psychic guidance.




Andrew Anderson guest stars on The Mystical Matchmaker Show hosted by

Marla Martenson

Chicago boasts that my guest Andrew Anderson is one of their top ten psychics for a good reason! He’s helped police in crime investigations and has worked days on end to fulfill his clients’ wishes to be connected to their deceased loved ones.


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