My name is Andrew Anderson and I am a psychic medium. I feel being a Pisces gave me an advantage from the beginning of my life. Pisces are well known for being creative and for having E.S.P.

I have always remembered feeling different. I used to have dreams when I was young and noticed that a lot of the things that I was seeing came true. I have made predictions for the last 27 years. Many have been documented on twitter. I was born in Los Angeles, CA and moved around from Las Vegas to Illinois. While living in Las Vegas, I got my first psychic reading. I felt that it was scary and yet intriguing.

In 1994 I moved to Illinois. Friends and family steadily pushed me to help people and become a reader. They knew early on that I had a gift because I would make predictions that always came true. I began reading tarot cards for people I knew just for fun and did not charge. People were blown away with the accuracy of my readings that word spread quickly of my gift. I started having to charge for readings because it took time away from my regular job.

I never did any type of advertising. All of my clients came from word of mouth and I quickly noticed that many people came back several times for readings and I began to get validations from them in regards to my predictions.

The most life changing event that I have ever had was when I went into a coma and had a near death experience. When I woke up I was able to see spirits clearer and I could now see people's spirit guides and angels that adorned each individual. My mom pushed me back to my life on earth and said "You're not done here yet." After that my life took on a new meaning and purpose. I now can tell people wanting to connect to their deceased loved ones that they are in a better place with the utmost confidence. I know that I did not want to leave when I was in my coma, nor do I fear death.

The first murder I was approached to help with happened in 2010 when a girl came to me with nothing but a photo of another woman and all she said was "What do you see?" Well, I instantly noticed that she was in spirit and standing next to her. I said her husband killed her and I saw a man in uniform. I also said she was shot and the gun was taken apart and was still buried under the house.

I told the woman that the husband would be arrested and charged with murder during the beginning of winter. Sure enough she called me shortly after that and told me that the husband was a police officer, shot his wife in the back of her head and placed her in a car at the forest preserve. The woman told me that this man was arrested and charged with the crime. I was overjoyed that this criminal was brought to justice.

I also work with the chief of police and sergeant of a local town. I've been to a crime scene with them and have studied autopsy photos. Because of my accuracy they said they would recommend me to other precincts. I have also been asked to go on several paranormal investigations. On in particular was a haunted hotel in Zion, IL. I went there with several people all of whom were taking notes on what they were feeling. I picked the exact room number someone was killed in. I also saw a plane crash on the property as well as someone hung from the tree. All of these things were confirmed by the hotel staff as actually happening on their property.